A haven for birds and the small furry folks
Where the music of nature will patiently coax
The tautness from nerves and the pain from a heart
It's a refuge for dreams in a place set apart
--- Don Blanding

Hi, I'm Denise.

and I have last updated on 2/13/13.

I believe the Don Blanding quote from his poem "House in a Hammock" nicely sums up what this site is about. A refuge, a haven, and a dream. You will find plants, animals, art, nature, music, and a bit of me here. Please take a look around and enjoy!

Sunflower at Biltmore WHAT'S NEW? I have my updated stats from the Great Backyard Bird Count at My Bird Count Stats. See below for more info on the GBBC. Still working on clearing out alot around the house, so not too much web updating. I still want to redo alot at this site, but just need to get started! Sometimes that is the hardest part. So keep checking back.

2008 was declared "The Year of the Frog" to promote global awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis. I am a great lover of all amphibians and I have made my own "2008 - Year of the Frog" page to further awareness on this issue. And since it is still an important issue, I will leave this link for now.

THE FEATURED PAGE OF THE MONTH for February is The Bird's Nest. And coming up in a couple of weeks is the yearly Great Backyard Bird Count. It is really a lot of fun and this year will be the 10th year that I have done it. So check out the link below to see if you would like to participate, and check out the link to The Bird's Nest to read about birds and see my bird counts for the GBBC.

SAMPLE PICTURES: Here are some of the pictures I have taken this year. (click for larger views):

Hummingbird at Arboretum    Monarch at Biltmore   Elephant at Asheboro Zoo   Gang of Squirrels at Botanical Gardens

Creek at Cataloochie   Black Bear at the House   Yellow Warbler at Beaver Lake   Carolina Allspice at Cataloochie

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I guess I should put in a little information about me. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina in the United States, in Swannanoa,Bluebird in the Snow just outside the city of Asheville. It is very beautiful here. I live in a house that is on the side of a mountain. Though these mountains are not overly large, they are very high for someone who grew up where the land is flat. The house is approached by a winding, single lane road. The house is surrounded by rhododendrons, laurels, maples, oaks, dogwoods, and poplars. And these are only the trees! There are all kinds of birds, wildflowers, and animals such as bobcats, coyotes and bears. Lots of bears in the last few years. I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

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