The Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias Striatus) is native to the eastern half of North America. Tamias means "a treasurer". They are essentially a ground species that will not hesitate to climb large oak trees when acorns are ripe. It is single-minded in its food gathering, making trips from tree to storage burrow almost continuously. I have seen them do this for hours on end, makes you tired to watch. Chippers can swim fairly well too. This I haven't seen, but is nice to know incase they fell in the spa. I have seen a squirrel fall in the spa, but he was out in a heartbeat! Apparently they don't like to swim.

Chipmunks make a nest right on the food hoard, curling up for long naps. They do not hibernate for the winter continuously, but nap for short periods often waking up hungry. Then snacking on food right from its bed.

Chipmunks have a shallow burrow, used for years, growing in length - up to 30 feet. The burrow has branching tunnels alternating exits and extra chambers. Earth is hauled out in cheek pouches and spread far from the main entrance, which is camouflaged by leaves or rocks.

Chipmunk Pictures

Yes, the chipmunks in the pictures are kind of small, but it is hard to even get a chipmunks picture. They are very fast and wary when I try to get a closer picture. All the pictures are clickable.


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Best thing about chipmunks? They are soooo cute!