The Bird's Nest is a collection of drawings, paintings, and information that was designed to inform and hopefully entertain while I had a place to display the artwork. I really like keeping an eye on the birds around the house on a daily basis, so this has turned out to be a nice way to showcase that.

I originally did the page, Birds of Winter, to be a lone page while I awaited spring, but it seemed like such a good idea that I kept on going until I did a page for the birds of each season. I did try to put the birds that seem to appear in the season on that season's page, but some are year round visitors.

Taking care of birds is a great way to get through a long winter, and a great way to fill the air with their singing and chirps on a summer's day. By keeping various kinds of feeders filled with sunflower seeds, thistle, small mixed seeds, and of course suet cakes that will attract lots of birds and help them through the winter. A year round water source is an attraction as much as the food for birds too. Helping birds is a way to help yourself to have a pleasant environment in which to live. Another way to help is The Great Backyard Bird Count that is held each year in February. It is conducted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Audubon Society. I have put more information about this on the Birds of Winter page.

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