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Welcome to the library! Here you do not have to be quiet, nor follow the rules. You do have to like to read, either for pleasure or information. Here you will find a collection of books that I have read and recommend. Some are referenced throughout this site as sources, and others are read purely for pleasure.

Update 8/31/06

I have read a great book, and it is called "In the Way That Elephants Do" by David L. Kilpatrick. This was a very good book where the main character is an elephant, but it is so much more! It is the history of elephants, the world, and one heck of a good tale! The spiritual side of it was very moving. It comprises the life of one adventurous elephant and all the events of his life. His friendship with other species should make us envious as to how to get along with people and animals who are different from us. Some parts are so sad, but some were wondrously happy and loving like his relationship with his best friend. So if you are intrigued, check out his website at The Internet Home of David L.Kilpatrick, author, where you will find out more about this book and his new one (which I will have to get!), and links of where to purchase this book! Please read this one!

I have read and admired the drawings in "The Sibley Guide to Birds" by David Allen Sibley. I don't think this one could be topped as an authoritative source on birds! He also has a new one out called, "The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior", which I don't have just yet. I know I will get it, because his guide to birds is just great.

I finished "The White Bone" by Barbara Gowdy which is about elephants, written from the perspective of elephants. All the characters in this fictional work are elephants. She has done a great job of incorporating elephant ways into the story. It is sad, based on how elephants live in the wild in Africa, but very enlightening. If you at all like elephants, read this book. It has a glossary of elephant terms that is so interesting in how they look at things. Check it out!

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