American Goldfinch and SunflowerI have decided to list some of the wildflowers, flowering plants, mosses, ferns, and trees that I have identified and when I have identified them, but after reading this list you say to yourself, "that's not possible!" Let me know if I couldn't possibly be right, due to time of year or simply the wrong part of the country for the plant. And help me identify the plant and I promise to correct this list. These were all found growing wild on walks near the house or hikes in the area, or on mountain bike rides in the woods.

The Goldfinch with the sunflower painting is just a bit of decoration here, but it does have a purpose. Birds and flowers go together, since birds do feed on various seeds and end up spreading different species of flowers to new areas. Though I haven't seen a Goldfinch hanging on a sunflower yet, the odds are good since I know where a lot of sunflowers are growing. I have seen Goldfinches on Thistles, trying to get the seeds. As far as spreading flowers goes, I know that we never used to have Jewelweed growing around the house until we had Hummingbirds feeding at the house. They like the nectar in Jewelweed and I no doubt believe they were the ones to spread the seeds here. Which is great, since they are a native species with pretty flowers and some folk medicinal use. The juice from the stems is supposed to be good for poison ivy rashes. Some people freeze the juice in ice cubes to use when they have an outbreak from the poison ivy. We have a lot of poison ivy growing around here, and I don't rely only on jewelweed, but it helps.

~ Wildflowers, Plants, & Trees ~

Small photos are "clickable" to show you a larger photo! They are sorted by color, but some have more than one color on them, so check more than one color catagory. Flowering plants include wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. I have separated Fungi, Ferns, Mosses, and Lichens from the flowering plants. All plants were found in western North Carolina, except for the ones marked by the following symbols: ** (found in southwest Georgia or Florida)

White Flowers

Carolina Vetch
Carolina Vetch on 4/26/01
Chickweed on 4/23/01
Common Blue Violet (White Varity)
Blue Violet (White Variety) on 4/21/01
 Daisy Fleabane
Daisy Fleabane on 4/23/00
on 4/20/08
Filmy Angelica
Filmy Angelica on 8/24/03
Flowering Dogwood
Flowering Dogwood on 4/26/01
Flowering Spurge
Flowering Spurge on 7/20/00
Galax with flower stalks on 10/7/03
Grass-of-Parnassus on 8/24/03
Horse Nettle
Horse Nettle on 7/03/05
Indian Pipes
Indian Pipes on 6/2/02
Japanese Honeysuckle
Japanese Honeysuckle
June Grass
June Grass in the summer
Mayapple with bloom on 5/6/00
Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel on 5/13/00
Multiflora Rose
Multiflora Rose on 5/13/00
Nodding Trillium
Nodding Trillium on 5/01/05
Oxeye Daisy
Oxeye Daisy on 7/04/02
Partridgeberry on 5/24/08
 Pea (variety)
Pea (a variety) in spring
Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace on 6/24/00
Rattlesnake Plantain
Rattlesnake Plantain on 6/29/00
Rosebay Rhododendron
Rosebay Rhododendron
Spotted Wintergreen
Spotted Wintergreen on 6/25/05
Star Chickweed
Star Chickweed on 4/25/09
Swamp Dewberry
Swamp Dewberry on 4/26/01
Sweet Crab Apple
Sweet Crab Apple on 4/26/01
Sweet White Violet
Sweet White Violet on 5/01/05
Thimbleweed on 6/11/00
Wild Stonecrop
Wild Stonecrop on 5/19/01
on 7/03/05
Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone on 4/26/01
White Wood Aster
White Wood Aster on 8/24/03
White Milkweed
White Milkweed in summer
White Snakeroot
White Snakeroot on 8/24/03
Sweet Cicely
Sweet Cicely in spring
Painted Trillium
Painted Trillium on 4/20/08
White Wake Robin
White Wake Robin on 4/22/07
White Trillium
White Trillium on 4/20/08
Foamflower on 4/15/08
Umbrella Leaf
Umbrella Leaf on 5/15/08
Canada Mayflower
Canada Mayflower on 5/15/08
Speckled Wood Lily
Speckled Wood Lily on 5/15/08
Brook Lettuce
Brook Lettuce on 5/15/08
Carolina Silverbell
Carolina Silverbell (tree) on 5/3/08
Lily-of-the-Valley on 4/29/08
Star-of-Bethlehem on 4/4/08 **
Bowman's Root
Bowman's Root on 5/26/07
White Phlox
White Phlox on 6/23/07
False Solomon's Seal
False Solomon's Seal on 4/26/01
on 4/01/06
Mouse-eared Chickweed
Mouse-eared Chickweed in April
on 6/23/06
Swamp Honeysuckle
Swamp Honeysuckle
on 7/08/06
Wild Potato Vine
Wild Potato Vine on 7/8/06
Poke Milkweed
Poke Milkweed on 6/22/08
Goat's Beard
Goat's Beard on 6/22/08
on 6/22/08
Dog Hobble
Dog Hobble
on 5/17/08
Calico Aster
Calico Aster on 10/14/06
Round-lobed Hepatica (not blooming)
Round-lobed Hepatica in October
Sharp-lobed Hepatica (not blooming)
Sharp-lobed Hepatica 4/25/07
Rue Anemone
Rue Anemone on 03/06/08
Canada Violet
Canada Violet on 04/25/07
Dwarf Ginseng
Dwarf Ginseng on 4/20/08
on 6/24/07
Whorled Wild Yam (not blooming)
Whorled Wild Yam
on 4/26/09
Cutleaf Toothwort
Cutleaf Toothwort
on 4/25/09
Virgin's Bower
Virgin's Bower
on 8/16/09
Wild Pansy
Wild Pansy
on 3/24/09
Bishop's Cap
Bishop's Cap
on 4/25/09
Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh
on 6/25/09
Fringed Phacelia
Fringed Phacelia
on 4/30/10
One-flowered Cancer Root
One-flowered Cancer Root on 5/02/10
Fairy Wand
Fairy Wand on 5/02/10

Pink Flowers

Beach Pea
Beach Pea on 6/17/00
Beach Pea (variety)
Beach Pea (variety) on 4/27/00
Bull Thistle
Bull Thistle on 8/24/03
Daisy Fleabane
Daisy Fleabane on 4/23/00
Deptford Pink
Deptford Pink
in June 2007
Lady's Thumb
Lady's Thumb on 10/28/99
Nodding Thistle
Nodding Thistle on 6/05/05
Pink Turtlehead
Pink Turtlehead on 8/24/03
Queen of the Prairie
Queen of the Prairie on 7/3/05
Red Clover
Red Clover
on 6/24/00
Rose Pink
Rose Pink
on 7/20/00
Herb Robert
Herb Robert on 7/08/05
Showy Tick-Trefoil
Showy Tick-Trefoil on 8/2/00
Spring Beauty
Spring Beauty on 4/18/07
Common Wood Sorrel
Common Wood Sorrel
on 6/01/03
Sweet Joe-pye-weed
Sweet Joe-pye-weed on 8/24/03
Virginia Rose
Virginia Rose on 6/9/02
Virginia Mountain Mint
Virginia Mountain Mint
Pink Lady's Slipper
Pink Lady's Slipper on 5/15/08
Leatherflower in June 2007
Pink Phlox
Pink Phlox on 6/23/07
Storksbill on 3/18/06
Gill-over-the-ground (Ground Ivy)
Gill-over-the-ground on 4/28/00
Naked-Flowered Tick-Trefoil
Naked-Flowered Tick-Trefoil
Showy Orchis
Showy Orchis on 5/27/06
Trailing Arbutus
Trailing Arbutus on 4/01/06
Dame's Rocket
Dame's Rocket on 5/6/06
Purple-flowering Raspberry
Purple-flowering Raspberry in June
Catawba Rhododendron in June
Catawba Rhododendron
Morning Glory Morning Glory on 7/25/09

Red Flowers

Bee Balm
Bee Balm
on 6/26/05
Fire Pink
Fire Pink
on 4/27/00
Indian Blanket (Firewheel)
Indian Blanket on 5/26/05 **
on 10/07/03
Toadshade (Red Trillium)
Toadshade (Red Trillium) on 4/12/01
Trumpet Honeysuckle
Trumpet Honeysuckle on 4/22/01
Wild Columbine
Wild Columbine on 4/23/01
Purple Trillium (WakeRobin)
Purple Trillium on 4/20/08
Carolina Allspice
Carolina Allspice on 5/3/08
Vasey's Trillium
Vasey's Trillium on 5/15/08
Indian Pink
Indian Pink on 6/15/08
Wild Ginger
Wild Ginger on 4/25/09

Orange Flowers

Butterfly Weed
Butterfly Weed on 7/03/05
in summer
Spotted Touch-Me-Not (or Jewelweed)
Spotted Touch-Me-Not (or Jewelweed)
Turk's-cap Lily
Turk's-cap Lily on 8/24/03
Flame Azalea
Flame Azalea on 6/22/08

Yellow Flowers

Common Dandelion
Common Dandelion on 4/23/01
Common St. Johns Wort
St. Johns Wort
Black-eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan on 6/24/00
Dwarf Cinquefoil
Dwarf Cinquefoil on 4/27/00
Common Winter Cress
Common Winter Cress on 4/27/00
Evening Primrose (Sundrops)
Evening Primrose on 6/25/05
Golden Alexanders
Golden Alexanders on 4/21/01
Coneflower on 4/16/05
Halberd-leaved Violet
Halberd-leaved Violet on 5/01/05
Hop Clover
Hop Clover
on 5/13/00
Pale Touch-Me-Not (or Pale Jewelweed)
Pale Touch-Me-Not (or Pale Jewelweed)
Rattlesnake Weed
Rattlesnake Weed on 4/26/01
Rough-stemmed Goldenrod
Goldenrod on 9/24/00
Squawroot on 4/23/01
Trout Lily
Trout Lily
on 4/20/08
Yellow Star Grass
Yellow Star Grass on 7/24/05
Whorled Loosestrife
Whorled Loosestrife on 5/27/00
Wild Indigo
Wild Indigo
in summer
Large-flowered Bellwort
Large-flowered Bellwort on 4/20/08
Mountain Bellwort
Mountain Bellwort on 4/30/09
Blue Cohosh
Blue Cohosh on 4/20/08
Puttyroot or Adam-and-Eve Orchid
Puttyroot or Adam-and-Eve Orchid
Early Yellow Violet
Early Yellow Violet on 4/01/06
Lance-leaved Goldenrod
Lance-leaved Goldenrod
Yellow Wood Sorrel
Yellow Wood Sorrel on 6/24/07
Meadow Parsnip
Meadow Parsnip on 6/23/08
Early Meadow Rue
Early Meadow Rue on 6/23/08
Swamp Buttercup
Swamp Buttercup on 4/17/07
Yellow Trillium
Yellow Trillium on 4/25/09
Yellow Flag
Yellow Flag
on 5/18/09
Yellow Pondlily
Yellow Pondlily
on 5/24/09
Wide-leaved Sunflower
Wide-leaf Sunflower 8/16/09
Common Mullein
Common Mullein on 7/7/00
Striped Maple (Moosewood)
Striped Maple tree (Moosewood) 4/09
Yellow Mandarin
Yellow Mandarin on 4/30/09
Kidneyleaf Buttercup
Kidneyleaf Buttercup on 4/25/09

Green Flowers

Indian Cucumber
Indian Cucumber on 5/17/08
Jack-in-the-pulpit on 5/6/00
Solomon's Seal
Solomon's Seal on 4/26/09
Solomon's Seal variety
Solomon's Seal (large var.)
Tulip Poplar (flower on tree)
Tulip Poplar (flower on tree)
Arrow Arum
Arrow Arum on 5/08/09
False Hellebore
False Hellebore on 4/25/10

Blue Flowers

Asiatic Dayflower
Asiatic Dayflower on 7/4/02
Common Speedwell
Common Speedwell on 5/12/01
Lyre-Leaved Sage
Lyre-Leaved Sage
in May 2007
Pointed Blue-eyed Grass
Pointed Blue-eyed Grass on 5/21/01
Spiked Lobelia
Spiked Lobelia on 8/18/00
Thyme-leaved Bluets
Thyme-leaved Bluets on 4/30/09
Wild Blue Phlox
Wild Blue Phlox on 4/20/08
Cornflower Knapweed
Cornflower Knapweed on 6/4/07
Birdseye Speedwell
Birdseye Speedwell in May 2007

Purple Flowers

Birdfoot Violet
Birdfoot Violet on 4/26/01
Bottle Gentian
Bottle Gentian on 10/19/06
Chicory on
Common Blue Violet
Common Blue Violet on 4/21/01
Cow Vetch
Cow Vetch
on 6/25/05
Downy Skullcap
Downy Skullcap on 6/9/02
Hairy Beardtongue
Hairy Beardtongue on 6/25/05
on 10/7/03
Spiderwort on 5/24/04
Morning Glory
Morning Glory on 6/30/06
Venus's Looking Glass
Venus's Looking Glass on 5/25/00
Wild Geranium
Wild Geranium on 4/18/07
Crested Dwarf Iris
Crested Dwarf Iris on 4/20/08
on 4/2/08 **
on 4/28/07
Bittersweet Nightshade
Bittersweet Nightshade 5/8/09


False Puffball
False Puffball in summer
Pear Shape Puffball
Pear Shape Puffball on 10/7/03
Cone-shaped Hygrophorus
Cone-shaped Hygrophorus
Honey Mushroom
Honey Mushroom on 10/5/06
Glistening Inky Cap
Glistening Inky Cap
in June 2007
Bleeding Mycena
Bleeding Mycena on 6/21/09
Bitter Bolete
Bitter Bolete on 6/25/09

Ferns, Mosses, and Lichens

Christmas Fern
Christmas Fern on 5/25/00
Rattlesnake Fern
Rattlesnake Fern on 5/12/01
Running Cedar Moss
Running Cedar Moss on 6/25/05
Shining Clubmoss
Shining Clubmoss on 4/20/08
Ground Moss
Ground Moss on 11/11/06
Toadskin Lichen
Toadskin Lichen on 10/5/06
Yellow Lichen
Yellow Lichen on 10/5/06
Reindeer Moss
Reindeer Moss on 10/19/06
British Soldiers
British Soldiers on 10/19/06
Maidenhair Fern
Maidenhair Fern on 10/19/06
Unknown Lichen ?
Unknown Lichen ?
in June 2007

Why are so many things called "rattlesnake"?

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower..."

-- William Blake


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