Well, it is August the 13th. I am on top of things as usual. Oh, yeah! We will have a new supervisor at work starting on Monday. The last one lasted less than a year, he decided enlisting and probably being sent to Iraq as a better alternative than where we work. I think he is very brave to do that and I hope he will be okay. I have known him for awhile and really wish he will be okay over there. Hope so.

The new guy has not gotten a clue what he will be in for. I wish him the best, but very qualified people before him in that job are all gone. It's just a broke system that no one in charge has the guts to admit it and really give these people a chance to survive. Bets are on for how long he will last. I don't even know how much longer I want to be there. Really, it has not been good for a very long time now. Why do you think I am riding so much? It really sets you free (if it doesn't kill you first). Riding Pinetree Loop this week took a bite out of me twice. I do well while I keep moving, but get stuck going uphill on a rock or root and over I go. Really! I can ride, just not stand still. The problem is I am too high up to reach the ground when stuck on something, and over I go. My greatest fear then? That I might fall on a snake. Cause I have seen a few when riding. Two falls, but I found two good things. First, I found this really large feather that is brown with white stripes, and then I found a velcro strap that let me attach the feather to my bike and not lose it. I looked it up, it is a wild turkey feather. Cool.

Christy and I went to the Biltmore Arts and Craft Show in Biltmore Village last week. It is a highly sought after show for artists to be in, and hard to get into. I love going to it! It is the best show around all year. I always come home with lots of great stuff. As well as shopping in New Morning Gallery. Trust me this is art with artists! Also they have a great t-shirt for the show that always has cats in the art.

Then, Christy and I went to the Nature Center to see the special Butterfly exhibit. It is so great, walking through the plants and flowers with butterflies landing all over and on you! Beautiful. I could stay in it all day. I guess I better put in a few pictures here: (Click them for larger views)



I am listening to Jack Johnson. He is so good! I love finding stuff that I wouldn't have heard on the radio and truly love. iTunes and my iPod are sure having fun! I think I'll wrap this up for now and go hunt for some more new music.

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