It really is great to be able to get such great pictures from the house. My daughter, Christy took quite a few of these pictures. Mostly the first four rows. 2003 was a great year for pictures, 2004 has been a little quieter as far as pictures are concerned.

My husband has tried to make a "bear proof" bird feeder and we thought he had done it until one night.... It is a metal pipe that is over 15 feet high and curved at the top. The bird feeder hung from a cord that ran through (inside) the pipe that you could raise and lower from a small hole that wove the cord around a boat type tie up. It was also set in concrete. The bears couldn't knock it over, they couldn't climb it, it was too far from any tree branches to reach, but... they figured out how to untie and unwind the cord to lower the feeder... Great, they probably can pick locks and come on in the house too! I gave up and just haven't put out as much seed.

Mama bear knocks down some seed for her young bear. The young bear looks about 1 year old.
Mama and her young bear looking around for something to eat.
This bear is scratching her head on the tree.
And after you have a head scratch, you have a backside scratch!
Now some more seed, but I think it is empty!
Despite the way it looks, that hummingbird feeder is not too high, they have emptied it too.
Mama bear scratching her face and clawing up the tree.
This is a different young bear that is on his own, maybe the first summer on his own.
A little blurry, but look at those claws on this small bear!
If this bear was much heavier, he might be swimming in the spa instead of walking across it.
He is grabbing the suet feeder, another feeder that I thought was "high" enough.
He is grabbing the last bit of suet. Poor birds!
He is getting every last bit of suet off his paws. He left the feeder intact so that I would refill it for him.
Well, he might have eaten everything, but he did pose nicely for the camera!
I think he has a sweet tooth, but he didn't drink any hummer juice today.
He takes a final look around before leaving for the day. But he'll be back...
Sometimes bears travel by road, first down the hill...
Then up the hill. Traffic! Traffic! Did you ever think to look for bears in the road?
This one looks around to make sure all is well before taking a drink of water.
Sure is nice to find a fresh, clean drink of water!
A mother with 2 cubs! I am very quiet, so that I don't frighten them.
Naughty bear! Get out of my trash can.
Neighbors trash? Help yourself bear. Ha! Ha!
Uh oh! We've been spotted spying on Mr. Bear.
This bear is just looking for seed below the birdfeeder.
Just a bear in the woods around the house.
Another itchy bear! Our trees must be really good to scratch on.
A little blurry, but this bear pressed his nose to the door to look in...
Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?
No, but the spa temp is just right...
Mom Bear
Baby Bear
Mom Bear climbs a tree.
Where did you go Mom?
Mom, it sooo high up!
I made it! Mom and Baby Bear together up in the tree.

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